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We provide you best possible solution for the issues with Norton Security., you can contact our support team anytime, they are available 24/7 to help you out on your problems
Norton Security
Norton provides a wide range of features for securing your system and mobiles from virus, Trojans and any other attack to protect to secure your data and much more. It also comes with free and paid versions but free versions have limited features.
Key features of Norton Antivirus
• Parental control
• Auto-backup
• Secures multiple devices
• Web portal
• Protection of identity and transactions
• Performance Optimization

Issues with Norton Security
Norton does its job perfectly but a sometimes unexpected error occurs and stops the normal process. So, we listed the most common issues or error you may face with their solution if you ran into some other issue or error other than which are listed below then feel free to contact at The issues are:

1. Compatibility
This happens when you have more than one antivirus at a time it creates the false positives of issues and result in the failure and may crash the program or stops responding.

The best solution for it is to completely uninstall the other anti virus.
2. Error 8504
This error arises due to incomplete installation or corrupt files of setup which leads to unresponsive system or delay in the mouse keyboard inputs.

The best solution for it s is to download from the official site and check the setup file if it's not corrupted and then reinstall the setup properly.

3. Error 104
This also occurs during the installation process of the Norton security, the software is not properly installed.

The possible fix this is to reinstall the setup and check the compatibility of the device with Norton and restart the system after installing the Norton security software a dif still you're not able to figure it out then you must contact Norton through Norton customer support number.

4. Program won’t open
When you’re trying to access Norton security but it doesn’t load or won’t open and you fail to perform your action like scanning or any other.

The best possible solution for it is to restart the system and then try using Norton it will surely work but if it doesn’t do so then you can get help from

5. Crashing
When you open the Norton security but it fails to open and freezes or keeps crashing

You can fix this issue by checking the behavior of Norton in the task manager and see if it s seen starting or not and try to use troubleshoot to check where the problem lies and also try rebooting the system this error may also arise due to insufficient space to load the program

For more help on any issues, you can contact the <a href="
">Norton Support</a>

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